Matthew C. aka “Matty C.” was born in Pittsburgh, PA and is also a founder of the Three Deep & How We Live collective. As a kid Matty was always interested in music even though not much Hip-Hop/Rap was played by his mother, he was eventually put on to it by his older brother. At the age of 9 he began finding himself fascinated with the music and culture which brought him to end up writing his music. The classic story of a kid with a notebook and a love to create he started filling up notebooks with songs and other different written ideas. He also began playing instruments in the school band. Though it was short lived he was forever in love with music. 

Around the time he got high school he played with doing music again but again fell off of it. Finally senior year him and two incredible friends formed the collective “Three Deep” and the rest is history. After the group formed he began taking music as serious as anything else. Starting to actually record in studios, putting out music and forming a fan base. He’s now dropped 6 solo projects, “The Drop Off”, “The Uprise”, “2016”, "Progress" The EP, FREEHAND, & "Matty C" EP. Along with those he has countless features, and also three joint projects “The Untouchables", “Blazed Insecurities”, & 24k with his rap partner Sheezy. 

"King Of The Burgh 7 Performance"
Photo by: Meez Lateef

"King Of The Burgh 7 Performance" Photo by: Meez Lateef