From the recording "FREEHAND"

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I just know bro Homiez
When I get good bro
And niggas is in Colorado or wherever weed is legal
And I got my weed business & my landscaping shit
And I could put Mia through school
Nyema don't gotta worry about nothing
Smalls don't gotta worry about shit
The dawgo's don't gotta worry about shit
Man I just
The grind is so crazy bro & i just can't stop bro like
I just
Everyday i wake up thinking like
Niggas can't stop because if we stop
Bro we going be in the same circumstances we started
And i just refuse to be in them situations bro
Like i refuse to be
In the hood for the rest of my life smoking my days away
I just can't do it

Especially in the mothafuckin hood cuh
And you said it right
When the dawgo's succeed
Feel me
The dawgo's parents succeed
Dawgo's family succeed
Nigga we successful for real like
Like Skeez
Like he said cuh only the dawgos
That nigga wasn't really playing
Skeez said that shit only the dawgos
Not that
Niggas took that shit to heart cuh
And when we get on cuh
There ain't
Like you said
Niggas mom's out the hood
We ain't smoking our days away in the fuckin hood like

But we definitely still smoking that pack
Yeah yeah yeah facts
Facts definitely still smoking facts facts facts
I feel you

Yeah it's like you know what I mean slow feet can't eat
The dawgos you know what I mean we working you know what I mean
Can't lose hope
We gotta have faith
Get the families out the hood you know what I mean
Keep grinding
Make sure the kids is straight
And then go from there
That's what it is
Gotta be successful you know what I mean
It's only the dawgos