1. Conformation

From the recording "FREEHAND"

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No introductions are needed to start this project off
Just criticals like condition reports from violent calls
Hope to make the damage a miracle
From the start of it all
I knew had to be lyrical
As I reach from my spiritual
Just to tell a story
Battle wit critiques
Since nowadays substance is boring
Could Keep the snoozin
I'm driftin while the nitrogen Kick in
No need for speed
My pace plays a vital position
Spited decisions that I made in the heat moment
Battle myself on the daily
I’m my meanest opponent
Cause real recognize real I guess
Real recognize real I guess
A lot of people I been feelin less
Here I confess
With the most respect
It's time to minimize ties
Like a children's vest
What we do is
For our children's best
Was Always more than they tried to say
We gained knowledge and aligned the play
Defined rhymes
They declined to play
Still settled
How we live found a way
Like the home team
Always been around the way baked
Naw I got on that kinda late
I'm In a ESPN space
Get it done in first take
Use the words when I'm trapped
Through the pad I escape
No mistake
I never stopped
When they thought I would
Creating soundtracks for the soul
Who'd a thought I could
Tripp and Jeez said I had it
Jeez I'm trippin
Cause my eyes as red as the attic
Nigga Pass it
Still been pennin and pushin pivotals
Like jailhouse hoops
The bars is ill physicals
Real sick
As I’m workin on this check up
We strive to live forever
While y'all die to be the next up

I'm Ready
Opposite the tapingo
Too many hidden gems
In old tracks
That they'll never know
Had to learn let it go
Buildin wit the frozen flow
Chilled chemist with no gimmicks
Makin life from the snow
Gotta be precise wit every step now
This thin ice called life it got me stressed
Do I keep myself from lows
That highs half handle
Fully aware that these records
Are what define ample
But nothin magical about it
We black and blessed
I'm everywhere wit this one
Freehand at its best
Look where I started
Man the end was always on the table
But not the ones that need to meet
So we could keep the cable
Get it
Read between the lines
Won't tell you what's here to find
But remember seein isn't believin
To someone blind
I said
Read between the lines
Won’t tell you what’s here to find
But remember seein isn’t believin to someone blind