From the recording "FREEHAND"

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Started this when I was only nine
Stationed in my room just fillin up a notepad
Full of rhymes
Showin my mom she tellin me I got talent
Took a break and now a couple years later
I think I found it
Ain't no other way around it
Man there ain't nothin like it
Been servin soul food
So no wonder they got the itis
Although They've nodded Matty
Through a fair amount of time
Watch the cards all connect
For my consolidated rhymes
We grind
With no help
To provide and spread wealth
Whether love or opportunity
Ego's is on the shelf
I'm top dollar
You guys is in top debt
My dawgos is first class
You guys are the first left
Still fearin an early death
While feelin some early wealth
So is that supposed to be a good thing for me or something else
Don't know
But I just focus
As we push for a victory
Still takin losses
While were evolvin
It's a dawgo thing
But let's just keep it positive
Started on that how we live
And now we're a label
Ready and stable
It's time to give
A shoutout to the guys who been down
Since we started way back
Chunk a three for the family we really made that

Fuck what people sayin it's time to get paid in full
Each belly was hella empty
Just boyz in the hood who poor
No scripted this shits encrypted
I'm spittin it from the core
Here to become the one
Like they never seen it before
Nothin less
So yeah I stress
Heart pressed like these young bulls tryna get some sex
Matty gotta catch some rec
Verse for verse I'm still the best
Don't matter if you heard or checked
Head dawgo in effect
Me and sheez you know the rest
Way ahead like exit signs
We just take our turns and rhyme
Niggas out here fakin pain
That shit won't insure you shine
All these goofies tussin buggin
Drop a 4 be coffin huggin
Used to sip to ease my mind
Put it down and only puffin
Ganga by the Maximum
The wordplay still platinum
Without a single sold
It's bold comin from Matt and them
Hard to believe the shit I'm seein too
Dont know how niggas coded
Only the dawgos my fuckin crew
Tres deep shit
Yes I live to be happy but peep this
It's harder to keep a grin
When you always in deep shit
Real spit
As I'm pushin towards my emcee progression
I keep finding myself accountable for anything that's lessened
The building of this brand
Take that as a growin man
Lord I sincerely wanna be the greatest uncle that I can
All while keepin the best interests of music into this company
With hook cloud Tripp and bub
As my accompany to greatness
To better places
See less sirens
More views and blessed destinations
More conversations as we formulate our legacies
Puttin our stories on display
For all the ghetto teens
Creating moments for the ones
Supportin just because
And of course for those
Who cover us in heaven’s love