From the recording "FREEHAND"

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Live from the valley
Deliverin like I'm veltre’s
Been goin through so much
I thank anybody whose helped me
Voices in my head
They’ve always known when to check me
If I'm bout to take a turn for the worst
They won't neglect me
Still as I battle these obstacles
But never keep it still
Cause my will is phenomenal
Success isn't optional
When ya debt is a chronicle
With problems that reappear over the years
Been lookin in the mirror
Appreciate the reflection
Single because I'm picky
I have to feel a connection
Her mental must be a weapon
Her conversation a lesson
A breathe of fresh air
But not a certain complexion
I’m guessin
I'll get to that when it comes to town
Though when it does
I'll cherish the moment all around
But for now
I live to find love within myself
To Calm my anger
Grieve my losses
As I cleanse for health
While In this different type of space
I've been on a fuck the fame type war
And Postin in the hood
Don't feel the same no more
The old room is empty
Sessions used to be crackin
We vandalized the closet
And wrote us a couple classics
Almost a thousand L's rolled
In them grey walls
The CMZ is gone
At our lowest stay strong
While I'm studying the culture and the business
Livin Track ten
So what I started I imma finish
Line after line
I still kick it
Time goes by they still gettin
Refined and real writtens
Clouded visions I record em till it's clear
Ironically I’ll be back on campus to engineer