From the recording "FREEHAND"

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Still fightin paranoia
Anxiety at an all time high
Better days that I'm pushin for
Are what help me get by
Sheez still roll brown haze by the bundle
We here to finish the summer
My destiny makes me wonder
Striving to provide
Before the lord says it's my time
The plan’s three steps in advance
And crosses state lines
One thing that I noticed
People judgin while you takin time
But them bein so bent
Won't play a role in how I'm shapin mine

It’s how we live

Here we are
The final track before the album
Who'd a thought that the basis would be the outcome
Strive be like pop
Pullin bars outta thin air
Define twenty sixteen as devastation yo it's been weird
Twenty one Prime time
The corner's back
Bump and run the track
Told myself that no matter what
Dawg I was born to rap
Pen was bad before the keystones
Pssa tip
Back when we was walkin in groups
Just on the safe tip
Ugly nigga fuck it
I’ll make it I get the face lift
Naw cause Cole told me love yours
And I praised it
So I'm on some how we live the movement
Due to Save the day shit
And speak for those whose think bout the most but
Never say shit
Way lit
But feelin so indifferent Lately
Seems like the days just go
And I been trippin crazy
Don't know how to deal wit stress
Without cannabis
I need to get his albums
While Rollin up on my yearbook
Was like a constant outcome
Feelin like Why can't I put it out and just hit the hay
Negative thoughts hit a nerve and then I hit away
But not Pressed to keep kickin major pain
Takin away from the flawless flows
Here to reshape the game
Restate the name
Of the city
But this a valley verified record
For the Guinness
Live love replenish
In everything you defending
Whether family or friends
Where you start was never supposed to be
The place that you end
So let's reach until we bend
And maneuver better endeavors
Take toxicins out of your reach
And get family set forever
Speak further than a status
Call ya peoples say em you love em
Cause you don't know when you goin be lookin down from above em
Period Vice versa
Takin a loss got my pen driftin
Like nowadays I been really feelin my Faith slippin
It's like we lost S
And I just gotta stay lifted
Shit don't feel the same
I just smoke and let the pain sit in
Thought for days
Lost focus while tryna end this
Though I have a question for the man they say forgives the sinners
Was this all in the plan that you had from the beginning
Made me an uncle
Took my sister
God what message is you sendin
Lord forreal
Lord Forreal
Lord Forreal

Switchin up seasons of friends
To handle grief on my brain
While prayin every new investment doesn't turn out in vain
Like so many things that I've seen
Started out as lil money
With a pen and pad
Driven by the days
On empty tummies
It was
Just the five of us
Me Tripp And Jeez
Dukes and S
That's real love
Through anything
We deal wit stress
But nonetheless we overcome it
I never thought this day was comin
Remember pennin the first one goin to college
Finished the record felt astonished
My skeletons left the closet
Recorded it on ELM
But I felt my dreams arisin
Everything from then made sense
Naw I'm lyin to be honest
Sometimes I'm still confused
Though I do see things in common
After actions stay the same for so long
You can't polish
Blurred by the life of complacency
That You livin
The small step that was needed to take
You thought was given
Double dribbled ya pivot
Seasons changed
And possession too
Money comin
But ya health diminished
And you stressin too
Hopin that tomorrow
Brings a smile and a blessing through
Right after all the pain was seemin nearer
You'll be pressin loose
Facts on wax but no museum
Man the criticals they hear em
Like The visuals they see em
Told niggas back then
I was on some forever reppin this
Put everything into to do it
And get a check wit this
How We Live Records
The start of some livin legend shit
To make my sister proud
Try not to cry as I'm sketching
Cause We love you S
And miss you
Still sick he took you away
But the blessings you send from heaven
The reasons we'll be okay
That's how I get through the days
My brothers know I ain't stoppin
Write these records for y'all
Cause I know y’all niggas hate talkin
Dealing wit this was crucial
I hate it's even a topic
So due to this touchy subject
Is why the cadence is cautioned
Dukes you raised a queen believe it
And Never doubt it
Her love and tender soul
Goin live forever never doubt it
The values you instilled in all of us Are valid
Used to never understand
Learned I couldn't live with out em
Joaquin & Mia they so special
They so solid
With those smiles that can heal
I can't fathom how we got em
Just thank the man upstairs forreal
Sometimes I hold em and I start to come to tears forreal
But then I realize
I gotta stay strong for them
Like I gotta stay strong For everybody
Though happiness is still the goal
This Window Pain define me