1. Understanding

From the recording Happiness Without Smiling

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I be missin you all the time
I be missin you all the time

Dawgo since you left I swear these days ain’t been the same
I try to keep a balance and not shelter all this pain
I think about the moments that we lived and overcame
Those Hour conversations bout how had destiny changed
Watched the way that you evolved and it really touched my spirit
And before you made it home glad I always let you hear it
Cause you we’re truly a treasure
Was supposed to do this together
Thank you for making me better
I got ya family forever
And every promise I made to you I’ll keep
Appreciate all the visits and convos while I’m asleep
It gives me more strength then you’ll ever know
Bitter sweet I gotta see my dawgo with the heaven glow
Hate that imma raise my kids without you here to help em grow
Shit that got me tripping as I write this
I just wanna know
Why you get wings before soared in this mortal life
When I was in depression you the one that said it’s more to life
When I would have anxiety attacks you answered every call
Talked me back to sense when my thoughts were bouncing off the wall
Remember jumpin in the Jeep
To check equipment at the mall
You always had the will to ball
Repped the set and threw it tall
Through it all
Yeah I hope that you hear this
You did everything fearless
Need forever to heal this
Know you move wit me daily
So I hope that you feel this
Hope you feel this

God please help me understand the things that’s weighin on me
I know that that’s a stretch
Cause I’m sure it’s way beyond me
Please help me understand how I can shake it off me
Please help me understand
Please help me understand
Please help me understand how I can break this pride
Please help me understand why dawgo ain’t alive
Please help me understand before I start to cry
Please help me understand
Please help me understand