1. Big Three's

From the recording Happiness Without Smiling

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Heavy dawgo shit

Big three’s like the NBA
Big three’s like it’s Steph & Klay
This the vibe that won’t fade away
This dawgo shit in me every day
Big three’s like the NBA
Big three’s like the NBA
Big three’s like it’s Steph & Klay
This the vibe that won’t fade away
What up Jvgg

Down bottom nigga
But so upper echelon
Locked in the studio lettin off
Tryna find in me what Hookah saw
Gotta dig deeper to make it raw
Twenty twenty we still gettin off
All The Verbal pressure When the set involved
You know how we did it no steppin off
While Reppin ours
Just yesterday we were Sharin meals
Talkin bout ways we would share a deal
If it arose and how we would feel
Now we Own the label this shit is real
Catchin moves after caught in binds
Tried to box me in like a couple mimes
Got the album moving on design
Aye jigg you sent this in the nec of time
Had to learn how to love & respect the lines
Darker days overcame by a ray of shine
Pressed up my records & pushed the grind
I gave it my all & I gave it time
Forreal this a love that I found at 9
And Been vividly scriptin what’s in my mind
So Truthfully speakin I feel divine
Tripled my presence
Dropped out to chase this I Still don’t regret it
Know that some kin won’t be proud that I said it
But I’m still the founder the face it’s just what it is
I’m forever indebted
The drive to thrive for this is embedded
Journey been crackin but still more to see
Learned who I was and what I should be
The Heavens agree
You talkin the three’s you talkin bout me

What type of niggas yu be runnin wit
Type of niggas you keep in ya clique
I don’t speak round snakes
Ain’t no charmer keep the grass cut
I just feast on plates
Brothers wit me
Keep the upper wit me
These the only niggas eatin supper wit me
These the only niggas seen me stuck and finished
Least I thought so here I stand
Bossed up better man
Been rockin wit matty a decade
We done sauced up got some fans
Flexed up made a brand
Three’s up where ya stand nigga
Keep beating the fuck outta rap beats
Hope These lil niggas gotta plan
Clouds back overcast
Here to stay ain’t no sunny days
Raining on parades like the month of may
Better hope ya mans ain't got shit to say
Thought a sucka nigga said something
Tried to bump me and one bitch
Big three’s Reggie Miller
In her guts I make her feel it aye
Switch it up I keep on breakin up
And how we livin nigga I can't make it up
Flip a coin and if the presi face is up then yu niggas still got a chance
Still coming dead last
Still chasin bitches ass
TDOE til the ride
Sleeping on me rise and shine nigga
Big three’s