1. Dawgo Pride

From the recording Happiness Without Smiling

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Hookah I miss you nigga

This that coming from the bottom
Overcame all the overwhelm
This that really built a family
Only dawgos still at the helm
This that really on the business
Own the handle and the writtens
This that moment I been waiting for
Live love and we praying more
This that CMZ Cadence Crackin
Told the family I would make it happen
Never did it for their satisfaction
The Dawgo Pride fuels the dawgo passion
This that know I’m never stepping down
No matter what I always held it down
This that album I’ve been saving patient
Valley baby started in the basement
Took freehand to new heights as I’m flying on my way to Vegas
Early listens before I released it
Shed tears shit felt amazing
Ain’t going lie man them days was crazy
Had Been a year since S passed
Here today and then gone tomorrow
Wish I would’ve made them days last
Shakes my spirit just to reminisce
Frantic moments that i can’t forget
Deep inside my mind they exist
I was Begging God just to make it dip
Couldn’t catch a break
Couldn’t get a grip
Got addicted to canna hit
Just to balance life and the brand was it
Though I never could abandon ship
Dawgo Pride