From the recording Happiness Without Smiling

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Letters from library of Congress come to the crib
Used to think it was just recording and doin gigs
Still be overthinking the message I have to give
Struggled through the years now we really own how we live

Don’t let the eye candy fuck up the garden you got
Don’t let nobody who don’t really know you try to tell you what you are or not
Don’t let these people who ain’t never did nothing of substance Steer the ride
Cause they got limits that they can’t reach
Due to a self inflicted pride
Don’t let the highs overdrive the ride
Neither you’ll do damage to the engine
Understand everybody that you start wit
Ain’t everybody you goin end wit
Growth & change
It’s apart of life
Blessed I made it to see twenty five
God willing imma triple that
By his side I’ll forever thrive
Writin this on September ninth
It’s one thirty in the morning
Reflecting back to my mind state while nineteen & performing
Funny being so good wit words
Yet still so bad wit communication
Only focused on a reputation
Frustrations from the dedication
Lost love then I found again
Safe to say it’s another win
Must be movin in the right way
Mediation highly recommend
Handouts I will never lend
Only need what the heavens send
Accept knowledge and accept mistakes
Take my time as I take it in

Take my time as I take it in
Take my time as I take it in
Take my time as I take it in

Know that I everywhere I den been
I can say that I’ve made a friend
Left a mark or repped the kin
Any loss took it on the chin
Take my time as I take it in
Take my time as I take it in