1. TDOE Freestyle

From the recording Happiness Without Smiling

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Dawgo forever you know the vibes
TDOE till the day I fly
Imma make sure that they recognize
Imma make sure we forever rise
Day after day tryna keep it sane
Almost touching a decade and still I claim
Took the weight on my shoulders and it made it rain
Wore it and I ain’t complain
In the three like Mickey kaline
Told dawgo I won’t waste time
High percentage from the three looking for the win
Sheez at the baseline
Finding knowledge through the grapevine
New records feeling more eclectic
Control the rights I’da never guessed it
But it’s possible I gotta stress it
Like a button you just gotta press it
A couple of fees to keep your residuals
Make sure you do it correctly it’s pivotal
Info is key but don’t set a limit though
Just a lil message as y’all try to gain
Hopefully one that'll help you sustain
Hopefully that’ll help you remain

Lost my sister
Lost my dawgo
Shit’ll never be the same
Talk to God on the daily
Specially when I can’t contain

Heart in the heavens
Intuition I den gained
Brand developed
Records swelling
I just had to make a change